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Continuing free set-ups!

(Save up to $700)

Mobile Apps

Why choose Pritchard Websites for your mobile apps?

Because of the service. Creating a great mobile app isn't easy, it is difficult to know which is the best option for your situation. Pritchard Websites delivers the best solution for your needs by combining knowledge of:

  • website construction
  • mobile friendly websites
  • database driven websites
  • media best practices

We have found that setting up a mobile app is far more complex than we thought, so we are continuing our free set up. (a savings of about $700). Hosting cost for the app is $99 per month.

One of the major advantages of a mobile app is that the icon appears on the users homescreen, below are some other advantages. Mobile apps can be used for:

  • media delivery
  • special events
  • location
  • live radio or video streaming
  • push notifications
  • online sales
  • donations

This mobile app system rocks...

...for its ability to be auto-updated. We can update your mobile app events and media automatically by taking the info from your website. You also get the ability to:

  • do selective push notifications by groups
  • make free live updates to your app
  • see the changes you make almost immediately
  • make any changes/edits to your mobile app through an online dashboard

More info about media display

For media delivery you can add your audio and video files one at a time. You can add more than one image, links and all the text needed. The display is beautiful.

You also have the option to use a feed instead. This is a very cool option because you don't have to update your mobile apps each time you have new media. Instead the app updates automatically when you add new media to your website.

More info on event display

We can auto update your events via a Google calendar or from the events listed on your website (may require adjusting your website code). Or you can add the events one at a time, creating a beautiful display.

More on displaying other info

You can add:

  • your small group or store locations info, with mapped locations
  • a staff directory
  • your location with a map and driving directions
  • a blog
  • smooth integration with your social media
  • in combination with the "web view" tool anything you put on your website can be put on the app, including ecommerce

Your app users will also be able to share your app with others via text or email, or through their social networks.

So take advantage of this money-saving offer, give Mike Pritchard a call now at (951)970-6172.

A little more about mobile apps...

Custom built app prices

So what how much are some people paying for mobile apps? $3,000 to $12,000 and more complex or recognized brand apps can cost $50,000 to $150,000.

Those are, of course, custom built for the individual business, but a price like that sure makes free set up an even better deal! See for yourself here...


Website Hosting

Amazing service is what we are best known for and why your website set-up will be quick and easy. Remarkable phone & email support (response times usually under 5 minutes), hosting plans to fit any need, and our managed servers are backed by an expert support staff providing the best security available. Contact now for more info.

Website Design

Pritchard Websites has years of experience creating remarkable custom, mobile-friendly websites. Designing websites since 1997, specializing in the Joomla cms since 2005, upgrading over 50 Joomla sites and skilled in modifying templates (html, css, and graphics), Pritchard Websites is also experienced in Wordpress themes customization. Check out the portfolio here...