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How does the Push notifications module work?

Our Push notifications module allows you to broadcast messages to your users' devices. These messages aren't the same as traditional text messages, and users opt into receiving these when they download and install your app.

Some common uses of this feature are app or brand-related announcements, letting users know about app/feature updates, or any other messages that would apply to your user-base.

You can access the push notification interface, from Engage -> Push Notifications section of the app builder. From there, you will be able to send manual, or automated push notifications.

Manual push notifications

From this interface, you can send out manual messages to your users. This interface consist out of two fields :

- URL to open : Here, you can include an URL, that will be sent out within your push notification. Once the user taps the notification on their device, they will open this URL within the app.

- Message : In this field, you can set the message that will be displayed within the push notification. Note that you may include a message that contains up to 100 characters.

Automated push notifications

Automated push notifications feature will allow you to link one of your feeds with the push notification module. Once you have a feed added inside the Content section, you can link it to this feature. Each time there is a new article within the linked feed, users will receive a notification, with the title of the article included in the notification message.

For example, you can add a news feed inside your app, and connect it to this feature. This will keep your users engaged, and notified of new content within your app, as each time there is a new article within this specific feed, users will receive a notification.

You can additionally modify this by implementing tags. In case you want to set up automated notifications, but you only want to push out specific articles from this feed, you can do this by applying tags to this articles. This is done by introducing ExampleTag component for the articles that should be broadcasted, where the ExampleTag stands for your generic tag.


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