Pritchard Mobile Apps
Thinking about adding a Mobile App to your digital arsenal or replacing your existing and less-than-useful/ less-than-user-friendly Mobile App? That’s a great idea! And if your goal is a consistently updated phone app and high user engagement with the smallest time commitment, our Pritchard Mobile App System is exactly what you need.

Pritchard Mobile App System
We can have you up and running in three steps.

1) Ready?
We create your custom-designed, beautiful and hassle-free Mobile App.

2) Set…
When your App build-out is complete, we provide training on the 5-Minute Update. It’s as easy as updating your website, sending push notifications and emailing the info! Dynamic updates handle the rest.

3) Off You Go!
No more of the clunky and time-consuming process of updating an app, then formatting an email newsletter and then designing, printing and folding hand-outs. What are you going to do with all the time you’ll save?